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Fast Acting, All Natural Pain Relief.

“Jeannie In A Bottle”  is Highly Effective at treating head and neck pain, sore muscles and joint pain. Quickly reduces various inflammation and can help a cold or chest flu. Spray on your neck and shoulders to relieve tension and stress.



Aches & Pains
Back & Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Skin Irritations
Knee & Joint Pain


Menthol Crystals
Isopropryl Alcohol
Australian Eucalyptus Oil
Certified Organic Hemp Seed
Clove Bud Oil
Sweet Birch

Structured Water Handheld Unit Created By Clayton Nolte

  • Fresh Tasting Water
  • High in Hydrogen
  • High in Oxygen
  • Ion Free
  • Anti Aging Health Benefits
Phillip Musial
Phillip Musial
Jeannie in a Bottle pain spray gives me immediate relief of my tight muscles & joints while on the golf course..... I just turned 50 and my golf body "feels" it every day! I love the fact that I can spray it directly of my back/shoulder & elbow and not needing to wash my hands afterwards. This stuff is like magic!! Wipes the pain away in minutes!! Highly recommend!! You can also now buy it directly on their website.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker
As a user for three years, I love this product. I damaged my knees in the military, ruptured a disc, herniated 3 discs as a working RN. I lived very painful years. I was offered lots of drugs but I know what that might do to me. I found it increasingly painful to do the things I loved, hiking in the mountains, when I retired in 2020 That's no longer my life. I found Jeannie in a bottle!!! Just a few sprays and within minutes my pain is gone or at least tolerable. Spray my feet after a hike and sleep like a baby. Any aches or pain and bam! And I don't worry about the natural ingredients damaging my body, like drugs. Thank you Jeannie for what you have done for me. You have truely given me back my retirement. I wish I could have known about it while working as a nurse for 40 years, but I'm helping everyone I can now.

1oz - 8oz Bottle

$10.00 – $45.00

plus shipping & tax

1oz - 8oz Bottle

$13.00 – $50.00

plus shipping & tax

8oz Bottle – plus 1oz pocket size FREE


plus shipping & tax

8oz Bottle Gel


plus shipping & tax

Experience all natural pain relief!

Yes, it is very cooling and will help take out the inflammation.

You can use it every hour and as often as needed. 

Yes, also very relaxing for them and you

 Dip a Q-Tip in the bottle and use it on your temples. Do not spray it, keep away from eyes.

Spray on your hands and be sure your hands are dry. 

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