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What is Structured Water?

As you know, there is an emerging scientific paradigm that has revealed the true nature of water. This life giving liquid Structured Water has been discovered to contain a living crystalline network of molecules. Each water molecule has enormous storage capacity – 440,000 energy-carrying panels – which store energetic imprints (electromagnetic signatures) of everything that comes in contact with the water. 
 Energy Imprints are retained in the water molecules even after the associated particle or chemical is gone from the water. 
 The information contained in the energetic imprints that the water molecule stores determines its physical and energetic properties. Based on what biologists have discovered about the cell membrane and cellular uptake, the water molecule must have the right pattern of energies in order to be truly useful – and not detrimental to the human body, vegetation etc.. 
 Research to identify the characteristics of water in its original wild state, a pure manifestation of nature’s grand design, led to the examination of water that is present exclusively in healthy cells and healing waters (i.e. Hunza and Lourdes waters). This water was found to have a unique structure and specific set of properties, and was labeled “Structured Water”. 
  Structured Water is naturally alkaline and rich in oxygen, negative hydrogen ions, minerals, electrolytes, and bio-photonic energy (which appears in water as light). Structured Water has the effect of neutralizing things that are harmful to our bodies, while increasing hydration by 30%. It also has a positive effect on energy, oxygenation, and nutrient absorption. 
 Research indicates that water strives to restore to its original structured state and leaches from the consumer or surrounding environment to regain the energies it lacks. 
 This means when we consume water that is deficient, the body fails to receive energetic information from the water that Nature meant to be in the water, and the body is robbed in a second by the deficient water! 
 SWCBC – Water structuring technology has been developed to reproduce the natural actions that occur in nature to cleanse and restore water to its original true state. You can create [SWCBC] Structured Water for yourself using a portable water structuring device and water from your tap or a bottle. Water structuring devices are also available for under sink, shower, whole house, swimming pool use, industry, farm … for every use, everywhere. 
 Your experience of the associated life-enhancing benefits is life changing. 
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