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Structured Water Handheld Unit Created By Clayton Notle


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Structured Water is Natural & Fresh Tasting Water

The natural action of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing through twists and turns as it actively descends a mountain actually structures water.
Water molecules are free to move and dance with nature in an energetically alive, fresh and vibrant manner. Through this process, the molecular structure of water is changed to reflect less surface tension, neutralized toxins, cleared memory and balance on a particle level.

Structured Water Benefits:


  • High in Hydrogen
  • High in Oxygen
  • Fresh tasting water
  • Ion Free
  • Anti Aging health benefits
  • Increases minerals, medications or any other supplement absorption to 100%
  • Less soap necessary when washing
  • Hair & skin rinses cleaner and feels better when washed
  • Increases longevity of all systems that use water
  • Reduces corrosion & deposits in pipes
  • Removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits
  • Healthier gardens & household plants
  • Healthier farm livestock, domestic pets & fish
  • Improved growth of crops with increased biomass
  • Eliminates polluting salts, chemicals or corrosive by products

How it works

In Nature, water is made and kept “Structured” by its travel through natural waterways. On those journeys, it powerfully rushes and tumbles, over rocks and through currents, mountain streams, waterfalls and miles of winding rivers. The water travels these journeys in its natural flow. Water molecules spin in balance, left and right spins, as they turn to avoid obstacles in their path; while doing so, spinning in multi-directions and creating vortexes. The flow and counterflows of balanced left and right rotating fields, create an environment of dynamic shear and pressure differentials that turns water into a machine.

The working part of the water structuring unit is the water itself passing over a series of precision-engineered elements as it travels through a precision-engineered chamber. The travel creates an environment within the unit that allows the water to clean itself, as happens in Nature, under the right conditions. Under those conditions the water flows at maximum velocity in specific geometrical patterns– balanced left and right rotating multi-directional spins that form vortexes.  Within the Vortex the water becomes Structured, and the magic happens.


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